Surfaces, Interfaces & 2D Materials Research @ IF, Zagreb

Welcome to my web page, which is about the research I do. I am a Senior Scientist and work at the Institut za fiziku, Zagreb, and  I am leading Surfaces, Interfaces & 2D Materials Research Group. I am interested in condensed matter physics and surface science. Our present focus is on atomically thin two-dimensional (2D) materials as promising platforms for a development of various applications. This line of research started with epitaxial graphene growth and investigation of the graphene-substrate interaction effects. We were first to experimentally confirm superlattice effects in the electronic structure of graphene emerging from the moiré structure of graphene on Ir(111).

Figure shows ARPES spectra with relevant area of the bandstructure for the gr/Ir(111) system.

In the meanwhile, the research expanded through the range of atomically thin materials and heterostructures fabrication methods and characterization. Please check the publication list for more details.