Surfaces, Interfaces & 2D Materials Research @ IF, Zagreb

Welcome to my web page, which is about the research I do. I am a Senior Scientist and work at the Institut za fiziku, Zagreb, and  I am leading Surfaces, Interfaces & 2D Materials Research Group. Besides condensed matter physics and surface science, our present focus is on atomically thin two-dimensional (2D) materials as promising platforms for a development of various applications. This line of research started by epitaxial graphene growth and studies of the effects of graphene-substrate interactions. As a first phenomenon, we discovered graphene superlattice electronic structure effects emerging from the moiré structure of graphene on Ir(111): Dirac Cones and Minigaps for Graphene on Ir(111).

Figure shows ARPES spectra with relevant area of the bandstructure for the gr/Ir(111) system.

In the meanwhile, the research expanded through the range of atomically thin materials and heterostructures growth methods and characterization. Please check publication list for more details.